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News and announcements

Phil Rees Music Tech Ltd. ceased trading in December 2006.
The commercial parts of this site have now closed.

Philip has personally taken over ownership of the site. He and intends to redevelop it as a a channel for self-expression and a not-for-profit internet resource. It will be based on his popular technical articles.

Computer article:Description of our next generation of virtually silent desktop PCs, using Pentium M processors
Computer article:Description of our state-of-the-art quiet music production PCs

In May 2005, we discontinued our range of MIDI accessories, in order to concentrate on building specialist PCs for making music.

Unit photo gallery
Downloadable 24-bit RGB colour TIFF bitmaps of individual pictures of our MIDI products, each with a size of about 600 x 600 pixels.

Product B&W photo gallery
Downloadable 8-bit greyscale TIFF bitmaps of many of the MIDI product pictures used in our brochures and press adverts.

Product RGB photo gallery
Downloadable 24-bit RGB colour TIFF bitmaps of various pictures featuring our MIDI accessories.

CMYK image gallery
Downloadable 32-bit CMYK colour TIFF bitmaps of miscellaneous images related to our products and services.

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