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Steinberg Studio Case

Steinberg Studio CaseSteinberg are aiming this product beginners, crossgraders, hobby musicians and users of Cubase SX and/or VST System Link. This complete music production package includes a top sequencer and five fantastic-sounding VST instruments.

Cubase SE is a cut-down Special Edition of Cubase SL featuring 48 audio tracks, 8 simultaneous outputs and audio depth/rate up to 24/96. It supports up to sixteen VST instruments, eight send effects,, five audio insert plug-ins and two MIDI insert plug-ins. Studio Case also contains cut-down SE versions of five great VST instruments: HALion SE, The Grand SE, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE, D'Cota SE and Groove Agent SE.

Provided you can live with of its limitations, this package represents excellent value. Studio Case also includes the option to upgrade all your SE products to the respective full versions at any time.

Max no. audio tracks: 48
Max no. MIDI tracks: Unlimited
Plug-in support: VSTi, VST effect plug-ins
Driver support: ASIO, MME
MIDI editing: Full MIDI editing
ReWire support: Yes
Major features: 10 levels of undo and redo, sample accurate automation, full VSTi support.

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This product was added to our catalogue on Saturday 18 October, 2003.

This product was discontinued on Wednesday 08 February, 2006

The Steinberg Studio Case is a member of the sequencer s/w category.

Steinberg was founded in 1984; their first software product was Pro 16, a MIDI sequencer for the Commodore 64. In 1986 they created Pro 24 for the Atari ST.

The Cubase sequencer was born on the Atari in 1989, ported to the Mac in 1990 and Windows in 1992. Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology, at the leading edge of native signal processing, was introduced to the PC in 1998.

In January 2003, Steinberg was acquired by the US company Pinnacle Systems. Steinberg remains a major force in music and audio software.

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