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Sequencer s/wSequencer s/w directory

Music software: Sequencer s/w

Software sequencers have set a new standard in the way music is recorded and produced. With software sequencers users can forget about multitrack tape recorders, and instead use hard disk multitrack recording to record everything from live instruments and audio to hardware synthesisers and samplers, straight to a computer system's hard disk.

Most modern software sequencers support VST and DX instruments, effects and plug-ins. These formats allow the user to use seperate software instruments to use when making music, and allows them to use effects and plug-ins that can be purchased from major or third-party companies. Hi-end software sequencers also have built in audio editors, so the user can cut, mute, arrange and affect different parts of recorded audio without leaving the sequencer environment. Many sequencers allow the user to interact with the software by use of a hardware control surface, and many of the parameters in modern sequencers are assignable to these control surfaces.

You should probably also consider some of the products in the Integrated studios category - especially FL Studio, which is brilliant value for money.

Product directory listing

Please find below a list of products in our database in the Sequencer s/w category. Manufacturers represented include Ableton, CakeWalk, Digidesign, M Audio, Sony and Steinberg.

AbletonAbleton Live sequencer (discontinued)
Ableton Live 3 sequencer (discontinued)
Ableton Live 5 sequencer (not available)

CakeWalkCakewalk Sonar 2.2 (discontinued)
CakeWalk Home Studio 2004 (not available)
CakeWalk Home Studio XL 2004 (not available)
CakeWalk Sonar II XL (discontinued)
CakeWalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition (not available)
CakeWalk Sonar 5 Studio Edition (not available)
CakeWalk Sonar 4 Studio Edition (discontinued)
CakeWalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition (discontinued)

DigidesignM-Powered Pro Tools (not available)

M AudioM-Audio Ozonic controller keyboard w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio FireWire Solo audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio FireWire Audiophile audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI audio i/f w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Delta 44 audio interface w Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio FireWire 1814 audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Delta 66 audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio FireWire 410 audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Delta 10/10 audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 PCI audio i/f w. Pro Tools MP (not available)
M-Audio Delta 10/10 LT audio interface w. Pro Tools MP (not available)

SonySony Acid Pro 4 loop sequencer (not available)

SteinbergSteinberg Cubase SL sequencer (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase XTC sequencer (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase SL sequencer (discontinued)
Steinberg Studio Case (discontinued)
Steinberg Nuendo 2.0 (not available)
Steinberg Cubase SL2 BPM Pack (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase SX sequencer (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase SX 3.0 sequencer (not available)
Steinberg Studio Case II (not available)
Steinberg Cubase SL 3.0 sequencer (not available)
Steinberg Cubase SL2 HALion 3.0 edition (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase SE 3.0 sequencer (not available)
Steinberg Cubasis VST 5.0 sequencer (discontinued)
Steinberg Cubase System 4 USB audio interface (not available)
Steinberg Cubase System 2 USB audio interface (discontinued)

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