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Physics of sound and music

Listing includes mathematical stuff, too.

Music and Sound Waves
A non-mathematical (but physically correct) description of sound, illustrated by demonstrative animations.

Notes on: The Physics of Sound
A brief academic introduction to the physics of waves, sound, and the mechanism of hearing.

The Phenomenology of Reverb
Erudite article by David Rothenberg summarises the role of reverb in the perception of music.

Pythagoras: Music and Space
An interesting, short article by J. Boyd-Brent, about the music-related observations of the renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician,

Music Physics
A little bit of music-related physics: brief introduction to basic concepts and terms of the science of sound.

The Soundry
Educational fun from this interactive web site, which aims to promote enthusiasm and knowledge of sound. You may be presented with some tedious disclaimers — just click straight past this stuff.

MusiNum - The Music in the Numbers
MusiNum is a free sonification program which turns numbers into generative fractal music.

Physics of Sound
Scrupulously rigorous science with stuff like the derivation of the equations of fluid mechanics and sound directly from molecular velocity statistics. Technical, but we like it.

Music Acoustics
This site presents, in musician-friendly format, some research work from the University of New South Wales, Australia. It also has pages written as an introduction to some aspects of musical acoustics.

Understanding the Science of Music through Software Synthesis
To better understand the basics of electronic music and the structure of sound, the study of analog synthesis is extremely helpful. Here is a web page which explores this proposition.

The Sound of Silence
Formerly titled The Musical Octave, this page is described as "a metaphysical view of sound and music". I can't think of anything else to say, but, as far as I remember, I got something out of this transcendental page of web.

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