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C16 USER TARGETS for free download

If this message stays on your screen, your browser appears not to support the script used for the User Targets selector. If you are using a version 4 browser (or later), you may need to enable JavaScript.

Here is an up-to-date .zip format archive of ready-made User Target sets that you can download. After extraction, if you rename the files from .c16 to .mid, you will probably be able to read them into your sequencer application as standard MIDI files. You should then download them to the User Target memory of your C16 MIDI Control Unit. More detailed instructions on downloading these Target programs is also available. The slider names for each Target set are included as plain text .txt files.

The Target set program files are not just usable as standard MIDI files, they can also be read, edited and sent to a C16 by the C16 Editor program. If you are a C16 owner, and you wish to be informed by email when new User Target sets are posted, or if you wish to receive these files by snail-mail, you can register on-line.

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