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C16 EDITOR software for Windows®

Here, you can download the current version (1.01) of the C16 Editor — the file size is about one megabyte. This is a program for Microsoft Windows® 95 or later (including XP). The Help System uses HTML Help, which generally requires Internet Explorer 4 or later to be present. It does not require that Internet Explorer be your default browser.

This version supports the extensions in C16 firmware revisions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. The firmware version number is briefly shown on the C16 TARGET NUMBER display, immediately after power-up.

To install the program, download the file (C16EditorSetup.exe) to a temporary directory, and run it from there.

This version is a worthwhile upgrade for users of all previous versions. Please uninstall your previous version before you install this new one.

If you are a C16 owner, and you wish to be informed by email when new versions of the C16 Editor are posted here, or if you wish to receive updates by snail-mail, you can register on-line.

Philip Rees C16 Editor for Windows version 1.01
Known issues (7 November 2002)

The Help>Help command in the application may fail to work. You can always access C16EditorHelp.chm directly. For example, you can use Start>Programs>C16_Editor>C16_Editor_Help.

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