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We ceased to manufacture our range of MIDI accessories in May 2005. We continue to provide service and support to existing customers.

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Service repair returns

If one of the units made by us requires repair or upgrade, it may be returned (where applicable, to the retailer, who may forward the unit to the maker, or) directly to the maker.

The unit should be packed in its original carton, and a note should be enclosed giving your name and address, and the reason for returning it. When a unit is sent for service from outside the United Kingdom, the customer should arrange for the prepayment of postal or shipping charges.

Mains-powered (ac-powered) devices are supplied with a mains plug fitted. Please do not unnecessarily remove the mains plug before returning the unit.

Example of Guarantee terms

Here is an example of the guarantee (warranty) terms from the User's Guide of one of our products, in this case the CSF MIDI Processor. Note that our guarantee is transferable and comprehensive. It is our policy to not quibble at any request for service made in good faith. The restrictive terms are largely to protect us from unreasonable or fraudulent demands.

Guarantee ScrollGuarantee

This Guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights.

This unit, model CSF-1, is guaranteed against any defect in material and workmanship for a period of sixty months from the date of purchase. Within this period we undertake, subject to the following conditions, to repair or at our option replace the defective part free of charge for labour and for materials.

  1. The unit has been installed and used correctly and in accordance with the operating instructions.
  2. The unit has been used only with the specified mains power supply.
  3. The unit has not been tampered with or otherwise been subject to misuse, fire, accident, lightning, or negligence.
  4. The unit has not been taken apart, modified or repaired except by a person who is authorised by us.
  5. The serial number on the left-hand side panel of the unit has not been removed or made illegible.
  6. The unit, if replaced, shall become our property, as shall any defective part replaced by us or on our behalf.
  7. The unit is returned to us or delivered to our appointed representative in its original packing together with proof of date of purchase (in the form of a receipt or invoice.
  8. The unit is returned promptly on being found defective.
  9. Any guarantee claim outside the United Kingdom is to include a prepayment of postal or shipping charges to and from the owner.
  10. The sole and exclusive remedy under this guarantee is for the repair or replacement of the unit and no other remedy, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature, shall be available.
  11. Our decision on all matters relating to guarantee claims shall be final.

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