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No longer trading – ecommerce closed

The company has ceased trading. The commercial parts of this site have closed.
Philip has taken over the site and intends to redevelop it as a not-for-profit internet resource.

A review by the esteemed Martin Walker, in the authoritative Sound On Sound magazine (January 2005) opens: "The name Philip Rees will already be well known to many musicians, as he set up his eponymous company way back in 1986, designing and manufacturing a range of MIDI accessories. These are still available, but in recent years his main focus of activities has moved to building music PC's. His flair for design continues here..."

A review in the July 2005 issue of the popular Computer Music magazine opens: "Since the release of his first MIDI patchbay back in 1986, Phil Rees has played a prominent role in the development of music technology. He's recently decided to discontinue his range of MIDI devices, so that he can concentrate on producing specialist music PCs, of which his are among the quietest, best-engineered machines available today."

music PC box reviewIndependent product review by Sound on Sound, the world's best music recording magazine.

quality quiet music computerThe Verdict of the very favourable July 2005 Computer Music review of one of our ePC6070 advanced PCs) reads as follows:

+ Excellent build quality
+ Innovative case mods
+ Proprietary fan speed controller
+ Looks great
+ High-spec components

– So quiet it's genuinely difficult to tell whether the machine is on or off!

The quietest, best-designed PC we've ever seen, period

Rating: 10/10

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With our engineering and workshop resources, we are also able to consider projects which require custom electronic and mechanical design. We can provide complete turnkey music computer systems to meet special requirements.

With our music computers, we can supply and install most types of music software and audio recording software. We also benchmark our PC components and designs with real music software. We build custom systems individually to order, and they are individually installed, set up and tested. We also provide specialist support for the music hardware and software.

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