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Future of computing

Centre for Quantum Computation, University of Oxford (UK) provides useful information and links to all material in the field of quantum computing and information processing. Site includes FAQs, introductions, and tutorials.

An introduction to Quantum Computing
A readable introduction, by Jacob West, to the quantum computer, a computational device based on quantum mechanics. This has the potential to provide a fundamentally new mode of information processing.

The Edge, MITRE newsletter: The Future of Computing Issue
Excellent collection of articles from January 2002 on various subjects: Quantum Information Science, Molecular-Scale Computers, Evolutionary Computation, Silicon Neuron Processing, Intelligent Simulation Models and Quantum Cryptography. MITRE is a US not-for-profit corporation working in systems engineering, research and development, and information technology.

The Philosophy and Future of AI
Mark Humphrys reckons that Artificial Intelligence is possible, but it won't happen. This lucid page contains many links and a variety of informal thoughts and conclusions on its subject.

TOP500 Supercomputer sites
This is not exactly about the future, but it is at the cutting edge. The TOP500 project aims to provide a reliable basis for tracking and detecting trends in high-performance computing. Twice a year, a list of the sites operating the 500 most powerful computer systems is assembled and released.

Scientific American: Subatomic Logic
Readable article from Scientific American by Corey S. Powell reviews research into quantum computing.

Intel Research
Here is a source of lots of technical information on research at Intel, the world's dominant chipmaker.

IBM Technical Journals
Here is a source of information on research at IBM. The technical journals are IBM Systems Journal and IBM Journal of Research and Development.

Future of Computers
The author speculates that computers will be more important than life many thousands of years in the future. This is a short page from a site which offers a simplified history of the universe.

Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing
in this paper, the authors set out to show that the fundamental difficulties of both ubiquitous and wearable computing can be alleviated by the development of systems that properly mix the two.

The social implications of information technology
Inventing the Future was a short book produced for the annual conference of the National Association for Voluntary Organisations in 1996. In this academic article (from the book), Graham May of Leeds Metropolitan University acknowledges potential problems, yet warns against alarmism.

IEEE Pervasive Computing
Look here for some links to some good stuff about the fascinating subject of pervasive computing. This is part of the site of the Computer Society of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

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