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Articles – table of contents

Technical article:A technical description of SMPTE/EBU timecode
A comprehensive review of what Phil Rees has learnt about SMPTE Time Code - especially in the popular LTC audio flavour.
Technical article:About MIDI channels, voices, timbres and Modes
Phil Rees discusses the factors which affects how sound-generating resources are allocated to MIDI commands.

Computer article:Memory specs for Pentium processors
A technical review by Chris Smith of memory specifications associated with Intel Pentium PCs, including such subjects as FSB speeds, dual channel, DDR and quad-pumping.
Computer article:Introduction to modern music computers
Phil Rees summarises the basics of musical composition and audio recording using modern computer tools.
Computer article:Laptop computers for music software
The modern notebook PC can be the heart of a complete mobile music-making studio. Phil Rees explains what is needed.
Computer article:Acoustic noise and the music PC
An overview of the subject of making personal computers sufficiently quiet that they can be used successfully in the room in which music is recorded or monitored.
Computer article:Expert optimisation of PCs for music
We review how, when you intend to use a PC for making music, you should never underestimate the importance of a carefully optimised and configured system.

Quick information pages

Quick Info:How to wire a DIN plug for MIDI
Quick Info:MIDI Non-registered (and Registered) parameters - NRPNs and RPNs
Quick Info:MIDI thru and MIDI thru boxes
Quick Info:MIDI merge - combining MIDI datastreams
Quick Info:Simple switches for MIDI routing

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