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Simple MIDI switch-in-a-box devices

These handy accessories are easy to use, and to understand. They are also very inexpensive. You can avoid plugging and unplugging MIDI cables with simple switch boxes.

The standard multi-way MIDI switch boxes let MIDI signals be sent along one of several routes, simply by moving a switch. These products need no power supply. They are also inherently bidirectional, so can be used as source selectors (one of several inputs to one output) or destination selectors (one input to one of several outputs).

The difference between a MIDI source-selector switch box and a MIDI merge box is that on the switch, only one connection is made at any one time, whereas with the merge box, all links are simultaneously active. Similarly, the difference between a MIDI destination-selector switch box and a MIDI thru box is that via the switch, only one output is driven at any one time, whereas via the thru box, all outputs are driven in parallel.

MIDIProduct description:Our range of MIDI selectors, now discontinued
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