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No longer trading – ecommerce closed

The company has ceased trading. The commercial parts of this site have closed.
Philip has taken over the site and intends to redevelop it as a not-for-profit internet resource.

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pc tech supportOnline Support Service, for our music computer technical support customers.

We build audio and music computers, capable of running the latest music software and audio recording software, from components we know we can trust. We take a serious engineering approach to the music computer. Our objective is real technical quality, not just hype.

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We have made a speciality of building computer systems for DJs. We are particularly excited about Stanton Final Scratch,the ground-breaking system which lets you mix computer music files using a standard DJ turntable setup. These PCs can also be made to run music software.

dj systems can also run music software

We are committed to attention to detail, and employ experienced computer system engineers. We are clued-up on the optimisation and configuration of the operating system for the music computer, so we will perform loads of tweaks to suit the audio and music software.

We have researched the sources of noise in personal computers. We have developed our exclusive central airflow control system, and can build astonishingly quiet machines that can be used successfully in the room in which music is recorded or monitored.

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Also in development, we have a range of custom interface modules which will be available only on our audio and music computers. With our engineering and workshop resources, we are also able to consider projects which require custom electronic and mechanical design. We can provide complete turnkey music computer systems to meet special requirements.

With our music computers, we can supply and install most types of music software and audio recording software. We also benchmark our machines with real music software.

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