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History of electronic music technology

Listing includes archives of info on vintage synths.

Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990
This is a great source for extensive information on all types of electronic musical instruments.

Electronic Music Interfaces
Compehensive review of the subject of music controllers, discusses all kinds of innovative and facinating devices for interacting with electronic music.

Moog Archives
Rare photos and historic documents regarding Moog synthesizers, Theremins, the factories and people.
Large online museum of vintage electronic musical instruments, including synths and drum machines, both analog and digital.

Vintage Synth Explorer
An evergrowing source of images, sound samples, reviews and links for over 400 popular vintage synthesizers.

Synth Site
Part of, this is an important resource for reviews information and links relating to electronic music synthesisers, old and new.

Synth Zone
Lots of links to patches, software, and web pages devoted to specific synths/samplers, along with plenty of other music links.

Harmony Central Keyboard and Synth resources
Archive of reviews and links to useful info about many electronic keyboard instruments and synths, including vintage classics.

Synth & Midi Museum
Miscellaneous pictures and some descriptions of many synths, including vintage classics.

Electronic Music Foundation
This information center for electronic music is part of a project to make known the work of the pioneers and to support those who are working in the field.

Audities collection
Great stuff about electronic musical instruments seems potentially interesting. This pretty site is still under construction.

History of electronic and computer music
This page is part of a web site devoted to young women in high school and college who are interested in music and art. The page is a chronological summary which includes automatic instruments and composition machines.

Wendy Carlos Online Information Source
Wendy aka Walter Carlos was the pioneer of electronically synthesised re-interpretations of classical tunes. The official Wendy Carlos site promises a definitive collection of information about this seminal synthesist and composer.

Japanese Electronic Music
Nicholas Kent is based in New York. He has a collection of electronic music and technopop by Japanese artists. This discographic site describes Japanese records with a lot of synth sounds, which may be enjoyable as well as weird or quaint.

The History of Synthpop
This page gives an idiosyncratic brief summary of the history of synthesisers in pop with a lots of links.

Music Machines
Music Machines began as the archives for the Analogue Heaven mailing list. Loads of files, all contributed by volunteers, are organised by manufacturer, model, and type of file.

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