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To register, fill in this form, then click on the Send Registration button at the bottom of the form. Only the first three items are obligatory, but you should also endeavour to provide, at least, an email or postal address.

My name is (required):

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If applicable, my PC runs:

If applicable, my Mac runs:
I am using OMS, version 2.0 or later

I use sequencer software:

If applicable:
I can read CD-ROMs on my computer
I can read 1.4Mb floppy disks on my computer
I have an internet connection on my computer

I mainly intend to use my C16 in the following way(s):

I would be interested in C16 Target programs for the following target device(s):

I have these additional comments:


We will only use the information collected on this page to keep you informed of developments related to the C16. We will definitely not pass this information to any third party. If you also wish to receive our general newsletters, you may subscribe to our mailing list.

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