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C16 post-sales support

MIDI control unitThis is the contents page for C16 post-sales support, including Target lists and free downloads.

the C16 user online registration form — register here to receive C16 post-sales support news

to C16 Target slider chart — complete list of preset Targets and sliders for firmware versions 1.0 to 1.3 inclusive.
C16 Target Sliders book — online version of presets listings in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format

ready-made C16 User Target sets — free downloads

C16 Editor program for Windows® — free download
C16 Editor program for Macintosh® — free download

The C16 MIDI System Exclusive format

Info on C16 firmware revisions

get pdf readerYou may need to download the Acrobat Reader free from the Adobe site in order to view or print .pdf documents.

MIDIto C16 product description

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