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C16 firmware revisions

The term firmware is used to refer to a software program that is stored in semiconductor memory, embedded in a hardware system.

The firmware version of a C16 is shown briefly on the TARGET NUMBER display, at power-up. There have been no bugs found in the C16 firmware, and no revisions have been issued as fixes. So far, all revisions have added command Types to the system of User Targets. There is no benefit in upgrading unless you wish to use any of these special command Types.

Version 1.1 of the C16 firmware adds support for MIDI Notes in User Targets. This Type sets a slider to produce legato MIDI Notes. The control position is assigned to attack velocity. This feature is intended for use with various MIDI lighting controllers — it is not likely to have any applications in music production.

Version 1.2 provides four extra System Exclusive Types in User Targets. SysEx + Check3 supports Waldorf-format positive checksums. SysEx (2s Comp) is a two-byte data format – the first data byte contains the righthand seven bits of a two's complement value, and the second byte gives the sign. SysEx (Mod + Sign) is also a two-byte data format – the first byte ia a modulus or absolute value, and the second byte gives the sign. SysEx (Nibbles) supports the Peavey-style 'nibblized' two-byte data format.

Version 1.3 adds one more System Exclusive TypeSysEx + Check2. This one supports Roland Checksum SysEx with a two-byte Model ID.

The release version of C16 Editor program for Windows® supports all the extensions, and you can find more information in the program's Help system. The current The C16 MIDI System Exclusive format has also been updated to include the new Types.

As special equipment is required, firmware upgrades can only be carried out in our workshop. If an upgrade is needed, it will normally be carried out without charges for parts or labour. If you wish to communicate with us about these revisions or about firmware upgrades, you may email:

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