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Information on the products shown below may be found in the MIDI products area of this website.

Product B&W photo gallery

This page is the index to a gallery of black-and-white pictures of Philip Rees MIDI accessories. The files are primarily intended as a press resource and as a promotional resource for resellers.

The images have mostly been used in our monochrome advertisements and brochures. The images are available for download as TIFF Bitmaps (.tif) with Lempel-Ziv (LZW) compression. They use an 8-bit greyscale and were generated on the PC using Corel PhotoPAINT. The size of each image is given in pixels, and the size of each file is given in kilobytes.

If you need these images without compression or in another format, you may apply by email to .

The thumbnail (.gif) images and associated text are tagged with links to the relevant files. If you right-click (or click & hold on mac) on these links and select Save Target As or Save Link As, you may avoid spawning a graphic viewer.

MIDI control unit facing right
C16 slider version
956 x 578, 241kb

Essential MIDI accessories
Multiple units ad pic
446 x 352, 92kb

Two merge units standing
9M and 5M advert pic
428 x 276, 86kb

MIDI thru box for the right
W5 with lots of cables
381 x 488, 76kb

MIDI slider control unit centred
C16 slider version
1000 x 516, 250kb

MIDI slider box  for the right
C16 slider version
600 x 404, 127kb

Merge units lie together
2M and 3M advert pic
821 x 419, 170kb

MIDI changeeover gadget
3B brochure pic
600 x 569, 232kb

Merge unit on its back
3M brochure pic
638 x 507, 224kb

Merge unit on its back
5M brochure pic
631 x 507, 201kb

MIDI processor for the left
CSF face-right pic
531 x 546, 158kb

Merge unit with other stuff
Little 2M in action
811 x 793, 261kb

Both MIDI line driver systems
MLD and MTR advert pic
514 x 304, 70kb

MIDI to CV unit for the left
Little MCV advert pic
600 x 593, 91kb

Converter on top of synth
Little MCV with MS20
568 x 324, 93kb

MIDI interfaces for legacy gear
Little MCV & MDS ad pic
817 x 406, 211kb

Sync interface from above
MDS advert pic
404 x 416, 76kb

Sync interface with TR606
MDS with beat-box
379 x 382, 72kb

All five MIDI merge boxes
2M, 3M, 5M, 9M and Little 2M
1105 x 494, 279kb

MIDI line driver, both units
MLD brochure pic
544 x 434, 145kb

MIDI tape sync unit for the left
TS1 advert pic
609 x 608, 178kb

Horizontal MIDI thru box
V10 brochure pic
462 x 190, 54kb

MIDI thru box for the left
V3 brochure pic
414 x 510, 89kb

MIDI thru box held in a hand
V3 iconic photograph
573 x 459, 115kb

Standing thru box from above
V8 advert pic
423 x 450, 115kb

MIDI selector standing
5S brochure pic
576 x 576, 215kb

Five MIDI thru units
W5, V10, V4, V8 and V3
744 x 554, 193kb

MIDI selector face-on
9S brochure pic
540 x 540, 232kb

MIDI processor looks up
CSF advert pic
435 x 345, 91kb

MIDI processor on the skew
CSF face-up pic
273 x 283, 41kb

MIDI line driver, receiver
MLD/R brochure pic
699 x 439, 201kb

MIDI line driver, transmitter
MLD/T brochure pic
693 x 439, 188kb

Bidirectional driver, master
MTR/M brochure pic
684 x 377, 144kb

Bidirectional driver, slave
MTR/S brochure pic
681 x 379, 121kb

All four MIDI selector units
9S, 3B, 2S, and 5S
778 x 634, 246kb

MIDI thru box for the right
W5 brochure pic
579 x 549, 215kb

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