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Devices which provide ports for connecting MIDI gear to a computerMIDI interfaces directory

Music hardware: Devices which provide ports for connecting MIDI gear to a computer

A MIDI interface allows a computer system to interact with MIDI equipment. MIDI interfaces can either be built into sound modules and sound cards, allowing the user to connect MIDI gear straight to the card, or they can come as seperate modules that normally connect to the computer system via USB. As standard, a MIDI interface called MPU-401 (MIDI Processing Unit) is built into most sound card and most on board sound devices. Different models of MIDI interaces come with different numbers of MIDI ports; some come with 1 in and 1 out, others 2 in and 2 out, 4 in 4 out and so on.

Many products in the categories Audio Interfaces and Music Keyboards also incorporate MIDI interface functionality.

Product directory listing

Please find below a list of products in our database in the MIDI interfaces category. Manufacturers represented include Edirol and M Audio.

EdirolEdirol UM 1SX 1x1 MIDI interface (not available)
Edirol UM-880 8x8 MIDI interface (not available)
Edirol UM 2 2x2 MIDI interface (not available)
Edirol UM-550 5x5 MIDI interface - SURPLUS (not available)
Edirol UM-550 5x5 MIDI interface (not available)

M AudioM-Audio MIDISPORT 1x1 (not available)
M-Audio MIDISPORT 2X2 (not available)
M-Audio MIDISPORT 4x4 (not available)
M-Audio SUPERSPORT 8x8 + SMPTE (not available)

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MIDI interfaces are devices which connect directly to a computer. They provide one or more hardware ports into which you can connect, via MIDI, to and from other MIDI-equipped hardware.

See also Audio Interfaces and Music Keyboards, some of which include MIDI ports.

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