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Music theory

Music Theory For Dummies
Joe Raciti presents a brief introductory online music theory course. He covers singing, piano, and general music theory. His style is amiable and he aims to be easy to read and understand.

Free Music Education Center
This site provides free music lessons, including piano, guitar and music theory for all levelsup to intermediate level.

Ricci Adams'
This nice site includes several well-presented animated music theory lessons. There are also utilities for ear training and improving musicianship.

ilearnmusic dotcom's Music Theory 101
This site offers a variety of music theory lessons for the aspiring musician. It is frequently updated and more is being added all the time. The site also offers free instrumental lessons, videos, free sheet music and guitar tablature and more.

Biligual Spanish/English web site devoted to practical music theory.

Music Theory For Songwriters
Songwriters may have questions about chords and how they flow. This site tries to help unlock the mysteries of music theory.
This site is aimed both at undergraduates new to Schenkerian analysis and the student whose experience of an introductory course has left them bemused. It aims to explain both the practical basics and the rationale behind this influential and controversial theory. It is demanding but fascinating stuff.

Music Theory Online
Described as a Journal of Criticism, Commentary, Research, and Scholarship. MTO is the refereed, electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory, Inc.

Music Notes – music theory
The theory section of a site about music in general. Here you can readily learn about note reading, intervals, scales, and stuff. You may be presented with some tedious disclaimers — just click straight past this stuff.

This site is intended for teachers who are subscribers. However, as a visitor, you can test your music theory knowledge with a selection of drills using java applets.

The Tonal Centre
An interactive site for music composers and theorists. It explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality. Most of the musical examples are illustrated with midi files.

Happy Note
Online music reading lessons plus a bunch of computer games programs (for download) to enable children and adults to enjoy learning music theory. The computer software is shareware or freeware created by Pascal Riben, a French music and piano teacher.

ChordWizard — Music Theory
Online music theory tutorial from ChordWizard - a powerful computer program for working with chords for guitars and other stringed instruments. The computer software is shareware from Australia.

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music
A Bibliography and Glossary of Terms by Jay Tomlin.

Piano Pedagogy Plus!
A wide range of information, forums, links and games of interest to the piano student and teacher alike.

Harmony in Tonal Music
Tom Sutcliffe's site aims to help students of music theory understand the role of chord progressions in tonal music. It is based on research into chord progressions which reveals structures similar to those in natural language.

This journal freely publishes user-contributed papers on topics concerning theory, analysis, and semiotics of music. As far as Eunomis is concerned, submitted works may be freely republished in any other context.

Music Notation Theory
Treblis Software's "Music Notation Reference Guide" provides info on many music notation symbols. Internal links are accessible via a graphical java applet.

What is Music?
This site advertises a book by Philip Dorrell which describes an insightful theory about music (not quite the same as "music theory"). The site includes a brief outline of the main ideas of the theory (the super-stimulus theory), and also links to an online preview, which contains a substantial portion of the book.

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