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External links – table of contents

We maintain classified lists of external hypertext links in these categories:

List of linksHistory of electronic music technology links
List of linksPhysics of sound and music links
List of linksMusic theory links
List of linksDeep, dark, progressive house music links
List of linksHistory of computing links
List of linksComputers and Internet today links
List of linksFuture of computing links

General associate websites

A Touch of Class Catering
This is the temporary website of an outside catering business belonging to a friend of Philip Rees.

Michael Taylor, painter
Michael Taylor paints extraordinary and powerful portraits and other paintings. He is a long-standing friend of Philip Rees.

Neptune Sky – Rock Band
Neptune Sky are a new music group from Worthing. Philip is happy to be building this Joomla-based web site for them. Phil loves his draggable divs!

K-v-R - VSTi Resources
VSTi News, for users of Cubase VST Instruments - free instrument banks for download or submit your own, plus links and info.

Shabash Technology
Shabash offers consultancy, technology and publishing services to a range of clients responsible for producing technical and educational content. Products include Merops, an automated text-processing application, with the most comprehensive rule set for editing and correcting text automatically.

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