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Our range of MIDI accessories has been discontinued. Here is aome archive information about these products:

Product description:C16 MIDI Control Unit  acrobat .pdf1058 KB Acrobat datasheet.  support and downloads
A bank of sixteen sliders, which can control many parameters of many popular MIDI devices.
Product description:Little 2M, 2M, 3M, 5M and 9M MIDI Merge Units  acrobat .pdf669 KB Acrobat datasheet.
MIDI merge units combine MIDI datastreams - ours are widely acknowledged as being the best.
Product description:V3, V4, V8, V10 and W5 MIDI Thru Units  acrobat .pdf300 KB Acrobat datasheet.
MIDI Thru units simplify MIDI interconnections by providing several copies of a MIDI signal.
Product description:Little MCV MIDI to CV Converter    acrobat .pdf180 KB Acrobat datasheet.
This low-cost interface unit will let your MIDI system control most V/oct or Hz/V analogue monosynths.
Product description:MLD and MTR MIDI Line Drivers    acrobat .pdf280 KB Acrobat datasheet.
These devices transform the signal format to overcome the distance limits of standard MIDI hardware.
Product description:CSF Channel Shifter & Filter MIDI Processor    acrobat .pdf312 KB Acrobat datasheet.
CSF can selectively pass or reject MIDI channels, or shift channels, or mute specific message types.
Product description:TS1 MIDI Tape Sync Unit    acrobat .pdf210 KB Acrobat datasheet.
Using SMPTE or FSKplus, TS1 can synchronise your MIDI sequencer to any decent tape machine.
Product description:MDS MIDI to DIN Sync (Sync24) Converter    acrobat .pdf320 KB Acrobat datasheet.
Let classic Sync24 drum machines or sequencers stop, start or play in time with a MIDI tempo master.
Product description:2S, 5S, 9S and 3B MIDI Selectors    acrobat .pdf805 KB Acrobat datasheet.
These low-cost switch-in-a-box devices are easy-to-use and can solve many MIDI routing problems.
Product description:MM5 Advanced MIDI Foot Controller
This versatile device can generate, process and monitor all types of MIDI data.

All of our mains (ac) powered devices are available in 110 V ac as well as 230 V ac versions.

get pdf readerYou may need to download the Acrobat Reader free from the Adobe site in order to view or print .pdf documents.

If you wish to request further information about our products, you may use the Request for Information Form on our Contact page.

guaranteeOur MIDI accessories carry a five-year parts and labour guarantee.

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